Atherton Diaries – Crashes and Crazy Times at Andorra World Cup

atherton diaries 2018 ep 30

Season 2018, Episode 30. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Straight from Val Di Sole we head to Andorra for Round 5 of the UCI mountain bike World Cup. The tiny principality between France and Spain boasts one of the most technical and challenging tracks of the year. With only a week since the last World Cup, the team spend a couple of days chilling at Lake Garda before heading to the Pyrenees or World Cup Round 5. Gee and Charlie are both still nursing wrist injuries – would this brutally steep track prove too much? Rach showed her full form putting 12 second into the field in qualifications, but if you haven’t watched Finals yet we wont spoil it here!!

Title Slide: Sven Martin

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