Atherton Diaries – Dirt Jumps, Foxhunts & BBQ’s

atherton diaries 2018 ep 25

Season 2018, Episode 25. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Rach previews this year’s Red Bull Foxhunt track. Unlike last year’s slopfest, the trails are bone dry and dusty. The Trek Remedy eats them up. Meanwhile Athy has been busy building the ultimate set of dirt jumps 50m from his house. Ant bought a banquet of slow roasted pulled pork for the whole crew to dig into after the family session. And check out the Trek Race Shop special edition Fort William frames. Our head technician, Joe Krejbich spent some time building up Gee’s rig. The gorgeous silver and hot-rod red half and half, with a camo pattern is sure to turn some heads at the biggest race of the year. Being in the middle of a heatwave we thought we’d go and hit up some flowy Welsh trails to christen the new frame… What we got on the other hand was monsoon season, lightning struck the hill and thunder rolled around us for minutes at a time. Probably the wettest day Wales has seen in a long time.

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