Atherton Diaries – Rach is Back!

atherton diaries 2018 ep 27

Season 2018, Episode 27. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Once again we hit up the infamously bikeparky World Cup venue Leogang, except this time they had a bit of a surprise in store for us! Follow the team across one of the most intense weekends in a long time as they tackle the “back to nature” track in the Austrian mountains. There are plenty of crashes and and mishaps along the way to our first World Cup win of the season!

–Song List–
Lost and Found – Thom Franck | Jamie Elder
Coming Alive – Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy | Chris Bussey | Richard Kimmings
Melt Me Down – Louis Souyave
Young Brave Hearts – Thom Franck | Jamie Elder

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