The Come Up BMX – BMX in Barcelona

Uploaded by The Come Up BMX. This is a bunch of footage that I filmed on the most recent Monster Energy trip to Barcelona where we filmed for Monster’s upcoming Above/Below project and coordinated the Barcelona Street Series (over 400 people showed up, watch the video here). Most of the clips in here were filmed while the guys were messing around as more serious clips were being filmed for Above/Below but in a few instances (like Fernando’s smith feeble 180 ice 180) the dudes ended up working their asses off to pull stuff. This edit isn’t anything fancy but I think it provides a cool behind the scenes look at what it’s like riding with some of the best street riders on Earth.

Riders: Alex Kennedy, Ed Zunda, Dakota Roche, Ben Lewis, Mical Smelko, Fernando Laczko and featuring guest appearances by Tom Creasy and Rich Forne.

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