The Come Up BMX – Game Of Bike: Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin & Caleb Quanbeck

Uploaded by The Come Up BMX. The other day we were out riding in San Diego with our usual crew plus Chad Kerley. One thing about riding with Chad is that there is a very, very good chance that when he shows up at a spot, there will soon be at least a few BMX riders who somehow track him down. This was no exception; within a few minutes of showing up at this school, there were close to a dozen other BMX riders on hand, all of whom were pretty astonished to see a bunch of pros riding their local hang out. As is often the case when you’re hanging out with younger riders, talk of a Game Of BIKE soon arose and at least on this day, the guys seemed open to the idea. So while Chad filmed an absurdly technical line on the other side of the school with John Hicks for an upcoming TCU Exclusive, I filmed a game between 3 of the filthiest white boys you will ever meet. In exchange for their compliance, I bought them Panda Express.

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