The Come Up BMX – Project After Hours

Uploaded by The Come Up BMX. Cory Wiergowski, Tyler Fernengel, Nick Bullen and friends ride BMX for Project After Hours. Cory Wiergowski, Tyler Fernengel, Nick Bullen, Jacob Bullen, Connor Keating, Mikey Tyra, Eric Trombley and Jason Govan. Jeff Tabb helped with the filming and Dylan Thayer lent a huge hand as well. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without those dudes. The video was filmed at Ron Thomas’ warehouse in Taylor, MI, where he runs his company Xtreme Builders (mobile ramps for bmx/skate shows at schools/fairs). This project took about a month to film, but wasn’t every day. T his was Cory’s project from the start that’s why he has most of the clips. This has been our winter get-away, where we could set up crazy rails and spots you don’t normally find in the street. We rode a lot more than we filmed and we had some weird setups for sure. We tried to keep it as basic as possible for the video, though.

MUSIC: Wax Triptych “What The World Is Coming To…” from the album A Tale Of 3 Heads.

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