Crooked World BMX – Weird BMX Riding in Austin, TX

Uploaded by NetworkA. In honor of keeping Austin weird, we bring you the weirdest BMX video that we could find from the Lone Star State. We’ve certainly never seen a bunch of these trick before – from candy bar hand rails, pegs in tight spaces, real life magic from Rob DiQuattro and Magwheel Guy might as well be re-named Foot Loose with the dance move he does on his bike.

Featuring Riders: Erik Elstran, Rob DiQuattro, Jake Seeley, Charlie Crumlish, Brett Silva, Kareem Williams, Brandon Begin, Jared Swafford, Matt Nordstrom, Jack Elkins, Dan Conway, Brandon Dosch, Ted Van Orman, Andi Jackson, Devon Lampman, Shoot2Kill Chris, Trent Barker, Jordan Krupa, Bobby Blaine, Colby Moody, Frank DiMone and Clint “Magwheel Guy” Zabodyn.

Filmed by: Charlie Crumlish with original music from DJ Smokey

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