four by three part two

Four by Three – Dan Atherton MTB Enduro Racing

Part 2 of 4. Uploaded by Red Bull. Produced and directed by Clay Porter for Red Bull Media House, the second film of the Four By Three series focuses on the eldest of the Atherton siblings, Dan, and his incredible comeback from injury and his transition to enduro; in particular the testing Megavalanche race.

After Dan broke his neck in a riding accident in 2010, an injury that nearly took his life, he found himself facing a difficult decision. The man himself declares that he was ‘done’ with racing bikes. However, as time passed, Dan’s hunger to ride and compete grew stronger and his discovery of enduro racing saw him return to competition with a new focus.

This new film takes a revealing look at the incredible mental and physical demands that come with riding. We follow Dan to the infamous Megavalanche race – a test of both downhill skill and endurance, “There’s a limit to everybody, I definitely felt my limit when I got to the climb….you’ve got to race it to feel that pain”.


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