I Am Specialized – Loretta Lynn’s P.Series Pump Track

Uploaded by specialized411. Every year the best young motocross talent in North America and from around the world gather at the Loretta Lynn Ranch for the annual motocross championship. Most MX athletes, young and not-as-young, now realize that in order to perform at the best, proper fitness and training often takes place away from the motorbike. Bicycles frequently form the core of that training. Seeing a huge crossover between moto and “push” bikes and forever stoked to get more kids on bicycles, Specialized brought a crew to Loretta’s, built a killer pump track and gave away some sweet prizes. Safe to say that fun was had by all.

Video Shot and Edited By: Erik Doty
Produced By: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.
Music credits:
“Back to the Woods” by Jason Shaw
“As Colorful as Ever” by Broke for Free


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