Jérôme Clementz ESCAPE Mount Rinjani – The Story

Part 2 of 2. Uploaded by Cannondale Bicycles. 2 weeks after the launch of the video ESCAPE Mount Rinjani with Jérôme Clementz and Pauline Dieffenthaler, the team would like to explain the story of that adventure. This is not an action video but a making-off of the trip. Discover why Jérôme wanted to come, how we had built the project and how we had lived the adventure with the locals. It was a fantastic experience we would like to share with the bike community.

A film by: Jérémie Reuiller
Riders: Jérôme Clementz and Pauline Dieffenthaler
Music and Jingel: Razor Image
Video Camera: Sony FS700
Drone: GoPro3

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