The Learning Curve – Bezanson Competes in First Slopestyle Event: 26TRIX

the learning curve ep 4

Part 4 of 6. Uploaded by Red Bull. It’s often said that 10,000 hours of practice are required to become a master in any field. In this latest episode of The Learning Curve, Drew Bezanson is trying to do it with just two hours of practice before his first official contest run at 26TRIX in Austria and following a shoulder injury that knocked him out of the Swatch Rocket Air event before even getting started. With a hectic schedule split between BMX contests and his slopestyle endeavors, Bezanson’s frustrations begin to boil over as he battles with the extremes of going from a fourth place finish at X Games on his BMX, to a less-than-stellar finish in his first recognized slopestyle contest.

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