Monster Energy – Sam’s World: South Africa

Season 1, Episode 1. Uploaded by monsterenergy. Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds are equally incredible riders in their own right with more podiums than we can count, but there is more to these two riders than the FMB World Tour. Ever wondered what happens when you take two of the best riders in FMB and ship them off to Cape Town for 2 weeks?! With the plan being to cause havoc and have the best time ever.. welcome to Sam’s World: South Africa. Joined along the way by Brendan Fairclough and Locals Andrew and Johnty Neethling, the Sam’s made Africa ‘Sam’s World’ for 2 weeks of parties, trails, Downhill, MX, Surfing, questionable sight seeing, shark-cage diving, the Night Harvest and much, much more.

‘It’s nobody else’s World, it’s Sam’s World’


Music: Boyde
Location: Cape Town – South Africa
Produce by: Monster Energy/Aspect Media

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