On Track with Greg Callaghan at EWS – Becoming a Privateer Enduro MTB Racer

on track with greg callaghan s5e5

Season 5, Episode 5. Uploaded by Red Bull. The path to becoming a sponsored rider isn’t paved in gold. It often requires self-funding, traveling on a shoe-string, living in a van and a bucket load of determination. That’s a privateer’s way of life and for many professional racers, like Greg Callaghan, this is exactly where their careers started out. It’s been an action-packed summer for the Enduro World Series and racers headed to the French Alps, known to mountain bikers as the Field of Dreams for round 5 of the EWS 2019. There was less than a second in it between the stage winner Ed Masters and Richie Rude in France, further fueling their head-to-head battle as they went into round 6 in Whistler, Canada. Irish rider Greg Callaghan has journeyed from privateer to top contender of the Enduro World Series – an ever-growing discipline of Mountain Biking. From technical rock gardens to dusty singletrack, the MTB riders of the EWS are some of the most skilled athletes in the world!

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