On Track with Greg Callaghan at EWS – The EWS Final Showdown in Zermatt

on track with greg callaghan s5e8

Season 5, Episode 8. Uploaded by Red Bull. The EWS has come a long way since its inception in 2013. Bikes are stronger, equipment more suitable and the athletes continue to push the limits of their physical and mental state. It’s the 8th and final round of the Enduro World Series and athletes flock to Zermatt, Switzerland for the final showdown. With high-alpine lines, vast wilderness and technical forestry, Zermatt brings some new flavour to the season finale. Battling it out throughout the season, Florian Nicolai heads into the final round with a mere 60-point lead over reigning champion, Sam Hill. With such little between them, the two leading men lay it all out between the tapes to take the overall EWS 2019 series win. With Sam Hill taking the win in Zermatt, the final overall rankings for the Enduro World Series 2019 are as follows…

EWS 2019 Elite Men’s Results:

  1. Sam Hill = 3230 points
  2. Florian Nicolai = 3190
  3. Kevin Miquel = 2870

EWS 2019 Elite Women’s Results:

  1. Isabeau Courdurier = 4240
  2. Noga Korem = 2890
  3. Andreanne Lanthier Nadeau = 2670

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