On Track with Greg Callaghan at EWS – What Makes a Great Enduro Racer

on track with greg callaghan s5e6

Season 5, Episode 6. Uploaded by Red Bull. The Enduro World Series reaches its sixth stop, Whistler. A mountain bike Mecca, Whistler is a Disneyland for adults, attracting tens of thousands of riders every year, it’s arguably the most anticipated round of the EWS. To achieve a podium position at an EWS stage, you have to give it your all, but it’s not just about what happens during the race, the run-up and preparation are equally important as Greg Callaghan finds out during a pre-race session with friends in Squamish, BC. Returning to racing after an injury isn’t easy, as the Irish athlete pieces the puzzle back together to make the cut, but will he have the luck of the Irish on his side in Canada? Richie Rude, Ed Masters and Sam Hill battle for the podium in a wet and wild Whistler but after five demanding stages through high alpine and slick forests, Richie Rude came out on top giving him a surge of points to boost him up the overall ranking.

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