Specialized Bicycles – A Week of Rampage with Kyle Norbraten

Uploaded by specialized411. The Red Bull Rampage is synonymous with danger and excitement and can anoint mountain biking royalty with a single jaw-dropping descent. Push aside the state-of-art bikes and protective gear and before the media circus comes to town—you’re left with the rider—the individual responsible for crafting and executing their route down the sport’s most treacherous mountainside. In this unique behind-the-scenes video, Kyle Norbraten walks us through his poignant journey of what it takes to make history on mountain biking’s hallowed Virgin, Utah, hillside.

Venin (Instrumental), Ki:Theory
Anthem, Old Bricks
Golden Age of Dreams (Instrumental), Birds & Batteries
Drowner, Giant Brain
Both Forgiven (Instrumental), Ki:Theory

Production: Nic Genovese, Mink Spark Cinema

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