Spoke Tales 2019 – Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Lose

spoke tales 2019 ep 3

Season 2019, Episode 3. Uploaded by GTBicycles1. It’s the final EWS of the 2019 season. Martin Maes is back on his enduro bike and ready to finish the year the way he started – winning. Noga is sitting comfortably in second overall and looking to tie up her spot without any drama and Wyn is nursing an injury but determined to make the most of it. As the weekend unfolds goals are realised but there’s a healthy dose of drama and GT good times along the way. Follow the team during the week as they train and race in Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Lose.

Spoke Tales Season 4, Episode 3 features:
Martin Maes
Noga Korem
Wyn Masters

GTFR Team Staff:
Mark Maurissen
Matteo Nati
Rob van Goebergs
Greg Coombs

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