Summer Session with Mike Steidley – Muddy Trials Riding & Gold at Nationals

Episode 3. Uploaded by EpicTVadventure. What do Jurassic Park, bubble tea, trials riding and a Porsche have in common? You’re about to find out. Follow 10x US National Mountain Bike Stunt Rider Mike Steidley to a heavily flooded and super slippery trails at a Nationals Competition in New Haven, where his buddies Dave Campbell and Nigel Kohring gave him a run for his money. Did Mike go home with the gold?

Mike then pairs up again with a bubble tea and shows us some great aerial video footage he shot this past month – watch this epic trials session on what appears to be a vacant college campus (must still be Tennessee…)? Mike Steidley Summer Session – It’s all in a day’s work!

Producer: Mike Steidley
Athlete: Mike Steidley


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