Tales of The Mob 2018 – Episode 1, Losinj

Season 2018, Episode 1. Uploaded by The YT Mob. AARON GWIN OPENS 2018 WORLD CUP SEASON WITH EXCITING WIN! For the 2nd time in three years Aaron Gwin (USA) has won the opening round of the UCI World Cup for his team The YT Mob and this time it was at the brand new venue of Veli Losinj here in Croatia. The track is short, steep and extremely rocky, with most riders finding it difficult to maintain lines at speed. It also took riders from the roughest section on the World Cup circuit, to the smoothest section with a short urban run to the finish line. In the past 20 years there have only been three occasions where the winning man of the opening round goes on to win the overall series and all three times that was Aaron Gwin, so his rivals will be fully aware that ‘the boss’ has started his season with typical strength and precision.

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