Tales of The Mob 2018 – Episode 3, Leogang

tales of the mob 2018 ep3

Season 2018, Episode 3. Uploaded by The YT Mob. AARON GWIN TAKES IMPRESSIVE 2ND PLACE IN LEOGANG WITH INJURED HAND. Following his over the bars crash due to a loose rock on course in Fort William last week, Aaron Gwin has been nursing a painful left thumb that’d been dislocated. It was giving Aaron a lot of grief in the first session of training here in Leogang earlier in the week, so much so that he was doubtful as to whether he’d even be able to race today’s final. Thanks to some injury management and a smart use of track time, by the 2nd half of his qualifying run yesterday Aaron was able to see that he did indeed have a solid chance for today’s race.

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