THE SYNDICATE 2018 – Episode 4

the syndicate 2018 ep4

Season 2018, Episode 4. Uploaded by The Syndicate. As the sun rises over the Alps in Les Gets, France, two warriors emerge from the mist. Backed by former and future World Champions, these two heroes will battle for supremacy on the beloved DH track at Crankworx Les Gets. To the West is Jason Marsh, a wily dog past his prime, but capable of vigorous displays of Old Man Strength. To the East is PA Roche, the young gun behind the young gun, predisposed by birth to excited outbursts and sketchy lines. Unusually the combatants share a corner-man and the die-hard devotee of pancakes and bacon will have to navigate European supply lines in order to keep the warriors at the top of their game. Animating the battle is the Old Dog, the Kashima King, the Duvel Devil, the one and only Steve Peat. Who will emerge victorious? Who will fight another day? Who will eat Luca’s cooking? Touch gloves and come out fighting!

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