THE SYNDICATE 2018 – Episode 6

the syndicate 2018 ep 6

Season 2018, Episode 6. Uploaded by The Syndicate. The Syndicate wraps up the 2018 World Cup season on a saturated track in La Bresse, then make their way to Lenzerheide for a shot at the rainbows.

Song: Quand Je Te Vois
Artist: Cyril Giroux|David Bossan|Eric Chantelauze|Pablo Love
Album: ANW – 3051 Yé-Yé

Song: Who Knows
Artist: Barrie Gledden|Kes Loy|Richard Kimmings
Album: ANW – 2899 Post Punk

Song: Yodel Strudel
Artist: Christian Marsac
Album: ANW1455 – European Clichés

Song: It’s On You
Artist: Andy Cooper, Pablo Love, Campbell E Browning
Album: ANW2720 – Action!

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