wizard of aus s1 e11

Wizard of Aus – Night Riding and SoCal Park Hunting

Season 1, Episode 11. Uploaded by Red Bull. Corey Bohan rides under the lights at Heath Pinter’s backyard dirt masterpiece for an upcoming Unit Clothing ad. Joined by Dave Dillewaard and Heath Pinter, Corey gives a little tribute to some of his favorite riders of all time – Kris Bennett, Chris Doyle, TJ Lavin and Brian Foster. Then it’s off to ride a couple of Southern California skateparks, where Corey is joined by Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Anthony Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard, Drew Bezanson and the “Prince of New Hampshire”- Brian Hunt.

Stay tuned for the next episode, which will feature the 2012 NORA Cup awards in Las Vegas.


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