primitive skate encore

Primitive Skate | ENCORE

Uploaded by Primitive Skate. One year in the making.. We are proud to present our newest film, ENCORE. Featuring: Franky Villani: 0:59 Carlos Ribeiro: 6:35 Giovanni Vianna: 10:39 Wade Desarmo: 14:17 JB Gillet: 15:26 Robert Neal: 15:42 Spencer Hamilton: 16:09 Trent McClung: 18:04 Marek Zaprazny: 21:52 Jenn Soto: 22:40 Brian Peacock: 23:06 Bastien Salabanzi: 23:45 […]

mountain dew modern lines

Mountain Dew Presents – Modern Lines

Uploaded by Mountain Dew. MTN DEW® presents Modern Lines: a one-of-a-kind skate experience grounded in style, flow, self-expression, creativity and fun. Modern Lines is all about reimagining what competitive skateboarding looks like. Curren Caples, Sean Malto, Mariah Duran, Chris Colbourn, Theotis Beasley and friends pursue this passion by teaming up with the world’s best designers […]

primitive 2019 europe tour

Primitive Skate – 2019 Europe Tour

Uploaded by Primitive Skate. Primitive Skate Euro Tour 2019. Featuring: Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Wade Desarmo, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, JB Gillet, Marek Zaprazny, Robert Neal, Tre Williams, Giovanni Vianna, Patrick Zentgraf, Charlie Muntro and Farid Ulrich. Filmed by: Alan Hannon and Bobby Bils Edited by: Alan Hannon ► Shop: Primitive Skateboarding was established […]

primitive marek zaprazny

Primitive Skate – Marek Zaprazny “FYG” Video Part

Uploaded by Primitive Skate. Marek Zaprazny Pro Part “FYG”. Filmed by: Bryce Pagter, Eric Iwakura, Alan Hannon, Alex Kissinger, Henner Figueiredo, Daniel Galli, Kamil Krzesniak Edited by: Alan Hannon ► Shop: Primitive Skateboarding was established in early 2014 by Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley. Our Pros are Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, JB Gillet, Bastien […]