adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Lunfardo

adidas skateboarding lunfardo

Uploaded by adidas Skateboarding. The adidas Skateboarding Latin American team skates through the streets of Buenos Aires guided by “Lunfardo” language – the preferred slang in the Rio de La Plata area since the 19th Century. adidas Skateboarding Latin America presents: LUNFARDO.

Featuring: Federico Gonzalez, Klaus Bohms, Akira Shiroma, Joakin Goto, Bastian Nuñez, Gui Silva, Kervin Miranda, Pablo Sorrentino, Luciano Cristobal

Music: Jose Teixidó
Produced by: Lolo Micucci
Recorded by: Javier Zibizarreta
Video Production: Doceseis
Filmed by: Diego Vargas, Felipe Carosella, Leonardo Mercado
Additional Filming: Justin Albert
Sound Mixing: Mariano Mazzitelli
Photography: Ignacio Morresi

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