Arbor Skateboarding – The Whiskey Project

Uploaded by arborcollective. Living in the cracks behind the hype of today’s Venice, there is still a kid who started with nothing and has given everything to a life built on skating. Pushing past the hordes of tourists, the transplanted wealth, the performers, the hipsters, the valet class – past the muck, the grime and the grease – you’ll find a core layer of youth, skating hard on and off the grid. For Arbor, they’re helping hold down skating’s street legacy, with talent that burns like that first pull off granddad’s bourbon. These individuals are making their mark with a distilled set of tricks crafted away from the limelight in the broken alleys, forgotten infrastructure and public parks of our distracted, overly plugged-in world. The Whiskey Project is for them – the best young skaters from in-and-around Venice. A project they created, they run and they front. A place to tell their stories, highlight their lines and play their part in showing what skating’s roots were, are and will always be. Raise a glass and enjoy The Whiskey Project.

The Whiskey Project is: Cameron Revier, Alec Beck, Olan Prenatt, Sean Imes, Tyler Davis, Sam Baker and Justin Premeaux. Look for individual parts and other videos from The Whiskey Project coming soon.

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