dose. – Vans 2014 Pool Party Highlights

Uploaded by NetworkA. The 2014 Vans Pool Party went off this year in the Combi Bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange County, California. The story of the night was the next generation domination—men’s legend division winner Chris Miller called it a true changing of the guard. The 8 guys who made it through qualifiers into the finals included Andy MacDonald (40), Joshua Borden (25), Joshua Rodriguez (22), Brad McClain (23) and the 16-and-under crowd led by Tristan Rennie (16), Cory Juneau (15), Trey Wood (14) and Tom Schaar (14). Congrats to Tristan Rennie, Bruno Passos and Chris Miller for the wins! Check out our dose coverage with Michaela.

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