Gullwing Truck Co. – Chili Bowl 9

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Chili Bowl 9 | San Francisco, CA | Potrero Park. If last years Chili Bowl was any impression, this years was a definitive gauntlet of ripping, brutal collisions & chaos. Mens qualifying through both final heats. Skateboarding by Willy Lara, Shaun Ross, Connor Getzlaff, Demarcus James, Lane Marriot, Cody Chapman, Chris Russell, Riley Stevens, Yarb, The Ben Johnson, Kevin Kowalski, Ronnie Sandoval, Robbie Russo, Mighty, Keith Baldassare, Pooptart, Chris Gregson & many, many more.


  1. Ronnie Sandoval
  2. Chris Russell
  3. Chris Gregson


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