Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding – Plan B’s Commitment to Video Excellence

Episode 9. Uploaded by AlliSports. In this final episode of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboards,” the team takes us on a journey with them as they prepare to live up to the hype and expectation of the first full length team video in many years. Learn about the process each skater commits to in their attempt to make an impact and live up to the teams standards that goes beyond their own individual high standards. What drives this team towards this goal was established over 20 years ago when Mike Ternasky first envisioned Plan B and lives on today through every member of their team. Their new video promises to again show the skate world the power of a driven, tight-knit team.

These are, and always have been, the athletes changing the game and upping the ante with their riding and ‘Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding’ tells their story from inception to today. Featuring new interviews with original team riders, current team riders and skate footage spanning the entire timeline to tell the complete story of the most well regarded team in skateboarding.

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