Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Keet Oldenbeuving

nike sb keet oldenbeuving

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. At 15-years-old, Keet Oldenbeuving has already carved out a place for herself at the forefront of the female skateboarding scene, winning contests around the world and skating with her idols like Candy Jacobs and Leticia Bufoni. Keet’s consistency in contests is quickly paying off, climbing the world rankings with a solid chance of representing The Netherlands in Tokyo 2020. Recently, Keet won the European champion title in Russia and shows no signs of slowing down. In this Not Here By Luck episode get an inside view into Keet’s life; hanging out and skating with friends through her hometown of Utrecht, kicking it with her parents who first put her on a board when she was in kindergarten and traveling to places like Amsterdam and Rotterdam to meet up with homies and continue the search for new spots to skate.

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