PUSH – Nick Tucker: A Memory

push nick tucker ep 1

Episode 1. Uploaded by The Berrics. Skateboarders have a deeper understanding of the healing process than your average athlete. When we’re laid up, the mental toll can be unbearable. You beat yourself up, replaying the moment when everything changed over and over. Something’s missing, but it’s tough to pinpoint what it is. Food doesn’t taste as good, laughter is harder to come by; there’s just no equivalent substitute for skating. Some part of you knows that you’ll be back on your feet soon, but will it be the same? The challenge of filming a video part within eight months has had a notable side effect for Nick Tucker. Under pressure to get the most out of every filming trip, Nick has realized that he needs to control the pace and focus on one thing at a time. Nick turned Pro two years ago and is already exhibiting the wisdom and presence of mind of a veteran; each trick is a memory and his PUSH part will be an amazing time capsule of his early years as a Pro.

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