stereophonic sound volume 5

RIDE Channel – Nick Zizzo in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 5

Uploaded by RIDEChannel. Nick Zizzo is a rather dapper Florida Native who has relocated to Los Angeles and currently holds court at the “Skate House” @SK8_House partying and riding his skateboard with the likes of fellow team riders Tony Karr and Nate Greenwood, along with an assortment of other East Coast transplants and miscreants. Nick is very Stereo, embodying a lot of the traits of the OG squad…stylish, powerful and heck… he’s even popular with the ladies. Look out world! We are proud to formally announce Mr. Nick Zizzo as our newest Team rider.
“Welcome to the team Playboi!!” – Chris Pastras

Welcome to the World of Stereophonic Sound!

Filmed By: Jacob Messex
Additional Filming By: James Buchmann, Josh Martinez, Chris Theisson, Mavin Moran & John Sullivan
Edited By: Mark Spencer
Music: “Primavera” by Ocote Soul Sounds
Music Supervisor: Matt Fleeger


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