tiltmode episodes s1 e5

Tiltmode Episodes – Erik’s Phone Clips

Season 1, Episode 5. Uploaded by TiltmodeProductions. Tiltmode Episode #5 brings you the highest quality skateboard action from top no name and name having individuals. You probably think this was all filmed with a RED Cam and Panasonic AF100, but you would be mistaken. This incredible gathering of skateboard stunts was all captured via cellular telephone cameras. Please sit back and watch in awe the wonderful skateboarding feats of Daryl Angel, Kevin Calderwood, Caswell Berry, Chase Newton, KAM Collins, Peter Raffin, Ben Raemers, Jason Adams, Brandon Nguyen, Justin Albert, Shaun Baptista, Taylor Musgrove, Rex Castillo, Julian Quevedo, Willis Kimble and Sean Goldschlager!


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