Vans Off The Wall – 5 Years of Vans Downtown Showdown in Europe

Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. The Vans Downtown Showdown concept was created for skateboarders by skateboarders and has been running in Europe for the last 5 years, each time creating unique OFF THE WALL ideas to be skated. With the Vans Downtown Showdown having previously created a scene in cities such as Amsterdam, London and Hamburg, the 2013 edition brought a new level of skateboarding, creativity and camaraderie, as well as a healthy dose of satire to the streets of Paris.

“Double Identity” by Heavy Young Heathens
“Parisian Glam Slam” by Shawn Lee
“Gimme One More Chancebb” by Diplomants Of Solid Sound
“Bottle Neck Blues” by The Lusitania
“Full Swing” by Ohmega Watts
“Howlies Song” by Howlies
“O Elefante” by Echocentrics
“Cruel Woman” by Shawn Lee
“Slow Down” by Jesse Dee

OffTheWall.TV is a digital online video network chronicling the unique aspects of Vans’ brand of youth culture through original video projects and exclusive content exploring skate, surf, snow, BMX, girls’ lifestyle, art and music. With more than 45 years of rich heritage and far-reaching influence in youth culture, OffTheWall.TV story-telling captures the creative expressions of Vans’ “Off the Wall” identity.


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