Level 1 – SUPERUNKNOWN XI Finals Part 2

Part 2 of 3. Uploaded by Level 1. Ten of the best ams from around the world have been posted up with our crew at Summit at Snoqualmie over the past week for the Superunknown XI Finals. We’re slowly but surely rolling out video updates with some of the cutting room floor content to give you a small taste of what’s been going on… stay tuned for Part 3 dropping later this week!

The Superunknown XI Finalists:
Mitchell Brower: Instagram @mitchellbrower
Lars Tynes: Instagram @larstynes
Vincent Prevost: Instagram @vinceprevost
Magnus Skotte Nørsteng: Instagram @asapmagz
Robin Romera: n/a
Hugo Pelletier: Instagram @hugopelletier67
Kevin Salonius: Instagram @kevinsalonius
Johan Niemi: Instagram @johanniemi
Laurent De Martin: Instagram @laurentdm
Geoff Lovelace: Instagram @lovelace_g

About Superunknown: Superunknown was started in 2003 to help discover and expose the best unsponsored up and coming talent in the game and give them a shot at making a name for themselves outside of the traditional competition scene. The first contest of its kind, entrants were asked to submit a simple promo video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style and personality. No résumés, no still photos, no essay questions- just pure unfiltered video action. Entries were reviewed and judged by Level 1’s staff and athletes. The most impressive skier each year took the title and was awarded a chance to film with Level 1 and given a foot in the door of the industry. 11 years deep, Superunknown is the biggest and best open video contest in action sports with over 100 entries coming in from top amateurs and the best undiscovered talent around the world.

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