Arbor Snowboards – Scotty Vine Full Part 3

Part 3. Uploaded by arborcollective. Scotty Vine is back for his third full part online release and as usual it’s packed with incredibly creative and next level riding including his patented one and two-foot tricks with an ender that’ll leave you begging for more. This year his travels took him to Big Bear, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Stevens Pass, Mt. Bachelor and Boston and from the parks to the powder and the streets, it’s all in his new Full Part 3. Get at it already!

Thanks to Matt Devino and Arbor Snowboards for the efforts and time invested into this year’s part and #ThePostcardSeries project. Without their help, this would not have been possible. Huge thanks the rest of the Arbor team riders and friends who helped along the way: Mike Grey, Blake Axelson, Nick Visconti, Brent Oftedal, Curtis Woodman, Erik Leon, Mariah Dugan, Willy Wood, Forrest Schmidt, Mark Reininga, Wojtek Targosz, Seth Hill, Jason Privette, Ben Birk, Kyle Beckmann, Justin Melanson, Ben Ross, Brian Mulvany, Adam “BEEF” Ruzzumenti, Mark Thalman, Ian Wood, Ryan McLaughlin, Nate Escalona, Brad Farmer, Matt Patti, Bob Carlson, Dan Weigel, Ray Takahashi, Kara Fliestra, Tim Humphreys, Dale Rehberg, Transworld Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine, Boreal Mountain, Loon Mountain, Bear Mountain and Mammoth Mountain. My parents, Misty and Vincent Vine, also had a considerable hand in helping me this winter and I am extremely thankful for their love and support.

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