Cooking with Gas 2014 – Back Country Hazards

cooking with gas 2014 ep2

Season 3, Episode 2. Uploaded by redbull. Between a hectic schedule of filming urban and park, we found a two-week window to shred some epic pow in Saas Fee, Switzerland with our good old friend Fredi Kalbermatten.” – Eero

It’s the third season of Cooking With Gas and this time around we get a more in-depth view into the lives of three urban legends on their ongoing mission to go boldly where no jibber has been before. If episode one was all about work – if finding, hitting and filming urban spots can be called work – then episode two is all about play, as the boys team up with Frederik Kalbermatten, a true backcountry snowboarding legend in his home resort of Saas Fee, Switzerland. After all, all work and no play makes Eero a dull boy…

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