Dew Tour – Aimless Episode 12: A Full Day of Colorado Boarding with Miles Fallon

aimless miles fallon

Episode 12. Uploaded by DewTourLive. Snowboarder Miles Fallon packs more stoke than a grom landing their first kickflip. This young gun hails from New Jersey and packs a heavy amount of skate and surf-inspired style in his riding. Miles made his Dew Tour debut at the 2020 streetstyle competition, where he wowed fans and impressed judges with his technical tricks and massive aerial maneuvers, coming in as a 3rd alternate and ultimately won the whole thing. We luckily had the chance to link up with Miles over the summer at Woodward Copper during the winter off-season and followed along with him for a full day of boarding. Get ready to feel the stoke with Miles in his latest Aimless episode. Stay tuned for more Aimless episode to come, here on

About Aimless:
What’s a day in the life of your favorite athlete like? We decided to find out. Between traveling for weeks at a time, premiere tours, video projects, competitions and more, daily life for an athlete can be unorthodox. With no external pressures or plans, we’ll document their day as it naturally unfolds and provides a glimpse into a lifestyle not often seen by the spotlight, creating a unique chance to see how your favorite skiers, snowboarders and skaters thrive in their own personal environments.

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