Dew Tour – Aimless Episode 14: Street Missions with Luke Winkelmann

aimless luke winkelmann

Episode 14. Uploaded by DewTourLive. Free time for a pro snowboarder during the winter season is a rare commodity. Those who dedicate their time to contests are usually slammed with a schedule of back-to-back competitions, powder day delays, flights, layovers, and sponsor obligations. In between all of that, athletes will squeeze in time to film for video projects, attempting to capture tricks they have dreamed of all year long. In this Aimless episode, we get a special glimpse into pro snowboarder Luke Winkelmann’s revised schedule. The regular winter contest scene has been derailed due to COVID-19 precautions, which has left him time to pursue street snowboarding. Follow Luke along as he shows us the work that goes into filming street clips in Minneapolis, MN with fellow boarders Judd Henkes and Louie Arrigoni. Stay tuned for more Aimless episode to come, here on

About Aimless:
What’s a day in the life of your favorite athlete like? We decided to find out. Between traveling for weeks at a time, premiere tours, video projects, competitions and more, daily life for an athlete can be unorthodox. With no external pressures or plans, we’ll document their day as it naturally unfolds and provides a glimpse into a lifestyle not often seen by the spotlight, creating a unique chance to see how your favorite skiers, snowboarders and skaters thrive in their own personal environments.

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