#laaxisniceyo Video Series Chapter 6 – Not Another Downday

#laaxisniceyo chapter 6

Season 2016, Episode 8. Uploaded by LAAX. Chapter 6 of the #laaxisniceyo video series is a bit different from the rest, especially in terms of location and obstacles. Despite difficult snow conditions the Mindset crew followed their urge for creativity and decided to go and get crafty in the forest – as a way to sidestep the funk of yet another down day. They built themselves an entire setup of various features using only found lumber and a couple of hand tools – talk about real woodsmen! Nothing like grilling up a couple sausages, hammering some nails and jamming on some logs, right boys?

Watch the full ‘Creamy’ Movie here.

Featuring: Lou Staub, Leo Eigensatz, Severin van der Meer, Flo Arnold, Joel Staub & Dario Burch
Produced by: Mindset Prdctns
Filmed & Edited by: Mathias Wittwer
Additional Footage by: Lou Staub, Lukas Blume Rösli, Fabio Follador & Pascal Annen
Graphics by: Aaron Schwartz
Music by: Lilian Frances – Gravestone

To be continued in chapter seven.

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