Mammoth Mountain – March Madness in Mammoth Unbound

Uploaded by MammothMTNOfficial. Springtime has officially begun and at Mammoth Mountain the Unbound Parks are prime for laps. While there’s some sort of large-scale sporting event going on, we’re more concerned with ratchets than we are with brackets and not as interested in the Final Four as we are the four people that can fit onto the quad to get us to the top of Main Park. But even if you’re a sports fan, make sure to press play on March Madness in Mammoth Unbound, because at Mammoth, whether you’re into jumplines, masses of metal, or a massive stunt ditch, there’s plenty to enjoy. Press play and watch Frank Knab, Jimmy Goodman, Matt Williams, Jed Sky, Lonnie Kauk, Brock Crouch, Chloe Kim, Kelly Clark, and Jared Dawoud tackle the Mammoth Unbound park features.

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