Protest – From Here to There: Miikka & Jonas Chapter 3/4

Chapter 3 of 4. Uploaded by ProtestMovieChannel. Protest Boardwear ‘Stories from here to There’ take you on a journey with their professional snowboarders Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagström. Both eat, breath and sleep snowboarding for the last 20 years. Miikka started off in the early days, based in his caravan in Ruka and is enjoying the good life! Jonas grew up with his ‘own’ back yard ski resort run by his parents. Nowadays they both travel the world to where ever the snow is good and conditions come together.

This time they meet in Japan to experience the Japanese culture, the pow and the Japanese Onsen (equivalent to the Finish Sauna, as Miikka knows). Japan has amazing snow, when it snows it snows all the time. So you can be sure to get tons of snow in January/February. Unfortunately the conditions aren’t the best this time. Rain, snow, fog and more snow… it seems impossible to find good spots. But they make the impossible possible and experience an awesome travel from their personal ‘Here to There’. There is always something to ride on! This is just the beginning of their story in Japan. Next episode, they hike to a lonely abundan place up the mountain, crash in a hut to find the ultimate pow one more time… Follow Miikka and Jonas on their mission.


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