Protest – From Here to There: Miikka & Jonas Chapter 4/4

Chapter 4 of 4. Uploaded by ProtestMovieChannel. Protest Boardwear ‘Stories from here to There’ take you on a journey with their professional snowboarders Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagstrom. Their story from here to there this winter: the amazing experience of the Japanese culture and pow. When it snows in Japan it snows all the time. It’s hard to access back country easily. Armpit high snow makes it impossible to walk. Split boarding is a good tool to overcome this obstacle and get to places fast. Split boarding changes everything, it is freedom. After three hours hiking up the mountain they reach a lonely abundant place where they crash in a hut. It’s a freezing night without heat but it’s worth all of it. They find the ultimate pow with some pillows and tree runs. Those great free riding days you have once or twice a season; this one was the best one they ever had. They will come back to Japan that’s for sure…

Follow their mission again next season there is more to come, more places to see, more pow to ride, more stories to there.


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