Protest Pin It – The Girls Episode

Season 1, Episode 2. Uploaded by ProtestMovieChannel. What happens if you ask two Olympian girls to drop a pin? Last year both Ursina Haller and Mirabelle Thovex flew over the coping of the Sochi halfpipe. But in this year’s Pin It there is not time for competition. The girls join forces and rock the magic Engadiner powder lines. Get ready for the first girls-only Pin It episode!

What if we would give our team riders a limited time window to drop a pin anywhere in the world to find the best snow? Follow our team riders on their adventure, looking for this winter’s best snow. The concept is simple: Take the map, pin down and enjoy the best powder the world has to offer. Whether it’s a remote pillow line or a well-respected park line; it’s the joy that counts. We take our best snowboarders and freeskiers, their gear, an outstanding film crew and pure freedom. More stories, less interviews. More freedom, less plans and first and foremost, snowboarding and freeskiing. Feel what the real stoke is about. Protest to get out there!

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