scandalnavians 2

Uploaded by Scandalnavians. Scandalnavians and Monster Energy proudly presents a snowboarding full feature movie featuring some of our favorite riders from Scandinavia.

Riders: Sweden: Sven Thorgren, Nisse Arvidsson, Johan Nordhag, Ludvig Billtoft Norway: Alek Østereng, Fridtjof “Fridge” Tischendorf, Len Roald Jørgensen Finland: Antti Jussila Iceland: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason

Sponsors: Airblaster, Horsefeathers, K2, Lobster, Nitro, Rip Curl, Rome, Salomon, Vans.

100% Scandinavian Soundtrack:

“Vreden” – Sara Parkman
From the album Vesper 2019
Gå dit det känns

“Hallå” – Magnus Uggla
From the album: Om Bobbo Viking – 1975
Uggla Music

Barkbrodslåten – Johan Nordhag.
Drums John Hugardt – Guitar Johan Nordhag
Recorded at Rub – A- Dub Studios 2020

“Tomme Lommer” – Hubbabubbaklubb
Drømmerne drømmerne drømmer – 2017
Snorkel Records

“Too Many Times” – Shoulder B
From the album: Rebel Sole
CRCLS/ Epidemic Sound 2020

“They Continues to create” – Dead Generation
From the album: Dead Generation 2000

“Efnid” – Gisli Palmi
From the album: Gisli Palmi 2015
Smekkleysa, Glacier Mafia

“O Reykjavik” – Vonbrigdi
Red River Records 1982

“Juna Kainuuseen” – Litku Klemetti
From the album: Juna Kainuuseen 2017
Louva Records

“Story Of A Star” – Ultra Mega Technobandind Stefán
From the album: Circus 2008

Fridge Theme – Aleksander Juneblad 2020

“Fuk Luv” – Spice Boys
From the album: Glade 2018

“Leva Livet” – Lill Babs
From the album: Leva Livet 1963
Warner Chapell

“Sugar Town” – ShitKid
From the album: Fish 2017

“The One” – First Hate
From the album: A Prayer For The Unemployed 2017

“Blåkulla” – The Hanged Man
From the album: Of Blood Is Full – 2017
Dubious Records

“End Of Time” – Boys
From the album: Rest In Peace 2018

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