The SNOWBOARDER Movie – Beta: Reid Smith Full Part

snowboarder beta reid smith

Uploaded by Snowboarder Magazine. Reid Smith approaches snowboarding with a no-holds-barred, hell-for-leather ideology that is largely imitated but rarely innate. Growing up in Jersey and lapping the fast lap of Big Boulder, Pennsylvania’s park, Reid got used to snowboarding fast while making every run count, and if you’ve ever seen him session, it still shows in his riding to this day. Be it a seemingly impossible feature, a nagging injury or pain-in-the-ass security guards trying to kick him out, Reid is 100% determined to get his trick by any means necessary and that’s what makes him so exciting to watch. Last winter Reid was held back a bit by a mid-season injury, but like we just stated, he’s impossible to slow down as he came back and stacked till the final buzzer and his part in BETA will show that so long as he keeps the momentum and his inherent ability to clip up, nothing can stop Reid Smith.

With Beta SNOWBOARDER Magazine has once again assembled an eclectic crew of disrupters who strive to change the game every time they strap in. Volatile and charismatic, this cadre of riders on the come up have cut their teeth following the contest circuit and being featured in online edits. Putting this pedigree aside these ten talents spent the winter of 2018 with cameras in tow, sending it further, stomping cleaner and pushing progression harder than ever before. Filmed from Austria to Canada and all points in between, The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta provides viewers an unfiltered perspective of the style, ability and fearlessness that Brock Crouch, Benny Milam, Gabe Ferguson, Finn Westbury, Gab Jacques, Nik Baden, Reid Smith, Brandon Davis, Jacob Krugmire and Jared Elston possess. Directed by Tyler Orton and featuring a soundtrack that includes artists like Fugazi, Portishead & The Cro-Mags, Beta taps all senses in an effort to spread the stoke and announce the arrival of a new generation of professional snowboarders to the big screen.

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