Vans – Hi-Standard 2014 at Calgary

Stop 2. Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. The Vans Hi-Standard series in collaboration with Snowboard Canada hit Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park for its second stop to give away over $3500 in cash prize and give everyone the chance to show off their best style on the snow. With Canadian legend, Dennis Bannock on the mic and Vans pro Benji Ritchi in tow doling out the bills to worthy shreds, the mood was light to begin with and when Kael Hill showed up out of the woodwork with a rented board to collect some cash, it only got lighter. Felix Conner took home $200 for the Van Doren best Rail Trick (under 15) and Kael took $300 for the 16 and over.

Music: “Octopuss” by Vinyl Richie

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