Vans Off The Wall – 20 Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow

Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. Vans presents 20 Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow. Respecting 20 Years of Originality on the Mountain.

Vans presents 20 Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow, a definitive retrospective film honoring over two decades of Vans Snow heritage, filmed and directed by respected filmmakers Mike Hatchett and Travis Robb of Standard Films. 20 Years takes a look back at an influential era in snowboarding, paying homage to a pivotal period in defining a new generation of snowboarding culture as told by original Vans riders Shaun Palmer, Circe Wallace and Kurt Wastell. Reminiscing on years of style, innovation and true originality, Hatchett’s passionate narrative tells the history of Vans on the mountain, encapsulating the humble beginnings of the snowboarding industry along with the people who continued to progress the sport into the culture it is today. 20 Years features the unique perspectives of the Vans global snowboarding team such as Pat Moore, Jamie Lynn, Darrell Mathes and more, as well as iconic Vans athletes including legendary skater John Cardiel and big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher. Featuring Shaun Palmer, Jamie Lynn, Circe Wallace, Daniel Franck, Darrell Mathes, Zac Marben, Andreas Wiig, Mark Landvik, Kurt Wastell, Temple Cummins, John Cardiel, Nathan Fletcher and Steve Van Doren.

Directed by: Mike Hatchett and Travis Robb
Produced by: Standard Films
Includes archival footage from Mack Dawg Productions, Standard Films, FLF, Videograss, People Films, TWS, and more. Also features new HD interviews and lifestyle footage.

Soundtrack: “Be Here Now” by Luftshansia, “Scavenger” by Zig Zags, “Fall of the World Trade Center” by Electric Bird Noise, “Our Father (Golden Remix)” by Subatomic Sound System, “Showdown” by Valient Thorr, “Hallway Homicide” by Orwells, “Pretender” by Black Marble, “Stay Up Late” by Jeff the Brotherhood, “Move Slower” by Mammals, “Holding Pattern” by Egadz, “Skull Eyed” by Mind Spiders, “14 Hours” by Society, “All I Want” by The Spits, “Human Cannonball” by Butthole Surfers, and “Small Price” by Luftshansia

OffTheWall.TV is a digital online video network chronicling the unique aspects of Vans’ brand of youth culture through original video projects and exclusive content exploring skate, surf, snow, BMX, girls’ lifestyle, art and music. With more than 45 years of rich heritage and far-reaching influence in youth culture, OffTheWall.TV story-telling captures the creative expressions of Vans’ “Off The Wall” identity.


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