volcom ip3 ams

Volcom Snowboarding – #IP3: AMS

Part 2. Uploaded by VolcomStoneYAE. “The second video in Volcom’s #IP3 series features the talented ranks of the Volcom Am Team. Griffin Seibert, Richie Conklin, Alex Rodway, Cody Beiersdorf, Ruiki Masuda, Gray Thompson, Frank Knab, Derrek Lever and Markus Kleveland. If you were wondering what up and coming riders to watch this season, Volcom has provided a worthy answer.” – http://snowboardermag.com

Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Seth Huot
Additional Filming: Pat Barraza, Greg Weaver, Seth Huot, Adam Ruzzametti, Andrew Nagel, Keep the Change, Chamaleon, Yone Film

Song: Deeper Than Sleep
Artist: Magic Jake and the Power Crystals
Courtesy of Burger Records


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