volcom ip3 dan brisse

Volcom Snowboarding – #IP3: DAN BRISSE

Part 4. Uploaded by VolcomStoneYAE. Dan Brisse coming through with a hammer part in Volcom Snowboarding’s video project #IP3. Watch it and get stoked for this coming season!

“Dan Brisse is a prominent example of the high level snowboarders who are pushing the boundaries of urban riding on a large scale–that is to say literally, Brisse goes big. In Brisse’s full part in Volcom’s #IP3 series, a selection of what this Minnesota-born rider accomplished in 2013 goes beyond impressive and veers on the awe-inspiring. Plus, there’s a pretty awesome cameo in the end.” – Snowboarder Magazine

Directed Filmed & Edited by: Seth Huot
Additional Editing: Mike Thienes
Additional Filming: Gary Milton, Mike Theins, Tyler Malay, Jon Otte and Justin Turkowski

Demon Queen
“Rude Boy” featuring N8noface Exorcise Tape
Rad Cult


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